The iPhone X is finally here and the pre-booking performance of the device was amazing. It was sold out so quickly and not everyone could book it.

If you are one of those lucky ones to book the iPhone X then, you should be excited now to receive it. Apple gives an estimation of when the device will reach to the customer and also provide the tracking information for the shipment.

But sometimes Apple is so slow in providing the shipping information. Many iPhone X buyers have found that their orders having already been shipped from China via UPS but Apple is still showing the status as “Preparing to Ship” or “Preparing for Shipment” and not providing the shipment tracking ID.

But if you are wondering how to check your iPhone X shipment status and track it without having the tracking number then, there is a workaround available at the UPS website. Just follow the below steps to track your iPhone X shipment status right now and ahead of Apple.

HOW TO : Track Your iPhone X Pre-Order Shipment Status without Shipping Number

Step 1: Go to the UPS website’s tracking page by visiting the below URL

2. Now click on the “Track by Reference” option.

3. Enter your phone number that is associated with your iPhone X order on Apple website under the “Shipment Reference” label.

Make sure to not add any brackets, dashes, hyphens etc. when entering phone number. Just type the numbers only

HOW TO : Track Your iPhone X Pre-Order Shipment Status without Shipping Number

4. Now enter the zip/postal code in the “Destination ZIP/Postal Code” field and search.

5. UPS website will show the status of your iPhone X shipment and most probably you will find that your order is processed and ready to be shipped from UPS.