RetouchMe is a photo editing app that will give you professional results that will be sure to surprise and please you. This application is handy when editing photos for your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

You can also use this app to edit photos for a professional portfolio as well, so as to give you that edge above other candidates for the job. RetouchMe offers so many nice features that can change so many elements on a photo.

RetouchMe Photo Editing App Review

Some of the touch-up features included in the RetouchMe app

● Editing a fatty belly and giving you a washboard stomach.

● Making fatty folds on your body disappear.

● Making legs look thinner and shapely.

● Editing out pimples and blemishes from faces.

● Changing the background of the image with precision.

The complete review of RetouchMe photo editing app is given below considering all its features, pros and cons.

RetouchMe Photo Editing App Review

Ease of Use

You do not require exceptional retouching skills in order to edit your images. All you need to do is to upload your photos that you would like to get edited on your app and leave the app support personnel to do the rest. You just need to select the editing tasks that you would like to be done on the photo and it will be taken care by the app support. You will get so much from doing very little work but it comes at a cost for sure.

The steps to edit your photos in RetouchMe app are simple and as follows -

● Choose the photo or photos to be edited and then upload them on your retouch me app.

● Next select the retouch options you want to be applied on your photos from the options given in the app.

● Get off your device for a couple of minutes and give the RetouchMe team time to work their magic on your photo or photos.

● Lastly when you receive your final copy of the edited photos you can decide to save them on your device or directly upload them to your social media profiles.

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RetouchMe Photo Editing App Review


The process of editing using the RetouchMe app is super-fast. When you use this app, you can get high quality professionally edited photos in less than 15 minutes. This is made possible, as the app does not require turnaround time during its editing process like other apps in the market do.

Editing Features

You get a wide variety of photo editing features that are readily available for use. Few of these editing features are;

● Body Shape Editing

You can restructure your entire body shape using this app and create a new looking body that you would like. You can reduce the size of your waist, reduce the girth of your stomach, increase the width of your hips and tone out your body to get rid of the fatty folds on your body. You can do so many things to improve the appearance of your body in any of your photos.

● Face Editing

You can eradicate red eye effect, eliminate dark circles and puffy eyes, even out and whiten your teeth and get rid of any other blemishes on your face. Create the perfect look for your face on any photo that you would like to share. There are many more facial editing features on the app; you may learn about them at, the official website of the app.

● Skin Editing

You can use this app to even out the skin tone on your photo; clear blemishes, remove scars and get rid of all other unwanted marks. You can also use the RetouchMe app to remove wrinkles and cellulite to make your skin look flawless in your photo.


The application is free to download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store and offers good value for your money for editing tasks. Each task you select will require some credit and the minimum order consists of 20 credits.

When you edit your photos on RetouchMe app, you will get discount too especially when doing bulk editing. The photos you upload will be worked on by professionals and the price will be dependent on what exactly you want to do with your image.


RetouchMe app is worth trying if you want to get professional quality editing quickly on your images without spending time to do it by yourself on some photo editing app.