It’s often tough to get your team on the same productivity levels - no matter if using software aids or not. This task is not necessarily for the faint of heart because it’s often a pain in the neck to get your team to boost their productive time.

There are many factors to keep track of when managing a team. For example, for developer teams you can check out these metrics.

To help fellow business owners and project managers, we’ve decided to put together a list sharing our favorite free and incredibly low cost, best in class productivity software options.

They are easy-to-use, affordable, and your employees will have an stress-free time accurately tracking their hours per project.

Top 3 Time Management Apps to Boost Productivity

Top 3 Time Management Apps to Boost Productivity

TimeCamp : Free Time Tracking Software

We love recommending TimeCamp to project managers for a number of reasons. For starters, it’s free, which certainly helps keep our costs down. They also update the software regularly and every one of their updates is free as well, so you never have to worry about this time tracking program becoming outdated since they stay on top of it.

Some of the top features include automatic timesheets, manual timesheets, automatic tax detection, and a time diary to name a few. This program is well-designed, simple to use, and the overall functionality is clean and easy to understand.

The software is based around tasks and projects. So it’s simple to track hours accumulated per task and project and you can even set a budget for either of these options.

While the free version is certainly robust, there is also a paid version that costs $6 per user per month.

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Clockspot: Free 15 Day Trial

Clockspot is software that tracks and acts as an online time clock. This application is web-based and allows mobile workers and remote employees to use a phone or the Internet to clock in and clock out during the day.

The great thing about Clockspot is it takes the old-fashioned time clock system and modernizes it using today’s technology. It’s a much better alternative to storing hundreds of employee time sheets and spreadsheets in physical form, and it eliminates the need for employees to punch traditional clocks.

This software allows project managers to look over and approve online timesheets. It’s good because it helps eliminate potential errors, puts time management all in one platform, and eliminates printed spreadsheets and manual calculations.

It’s also attractive to many employers because it sends overtime alerts which prevent employees from going over their allotted overtime limit. The best part is it’s so easy to generate payroll reports simply and quickly and employees can login online to look at their pay slips whenever they need to.

They are currently offering a 15 day free trial. Their standard program costs $5 per user per month plus a $10 base fee. Their more robust premium platform costs $8 per user per month plus a $20 base fee.

Bill4Time : Free 30 Day Trial

Bill4Time is a time tracking tool with many features including online payments, expense tracking, time tracking, billing and invoicing, invoice templates, and much more. This program provides so many more features than your average billing software.

Top 3 Time Management Apps to Boost Productivity

It’s a clean, good-looking tool with desktop and mobile applications which make it very flexible. It’s capable of recording multiple time entries on a single screen, it can simultaneously run timers, and even converts appointments into entries on the timesheet. So time tracking with this software is incredibly easy.

They currently have a 30 day free trial. To get full access to this powerful software, it will cost $15 per user per month.


If your agency is looking for new time tracking software, we highly recommend taking advantage of the free software and free trials to figure out which one you like the best.

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