There are many people counting the days for the upcoming Chinese Black Friday of 2017, which happens every year on 11th November and popularly known as 11-11 deals. Due to the great offers and promotions, 11-11 Chinese Black Friday is the biggest shopping festival in the whole world.

Gearbest, one of the largest and most popular shopping site, has already started its 11-11 deals and will go for nearly whole month of November, with various offers and promotions, discount coupons and much more. GearBest is offering up to 50% discounts on smartphones and 70% discount on gadgets, accessories and other products.

Best 11-11 Black Friday Deals and Additional Discount Coupon Codes

The best thing is that you can even get additional discounts using the coupon codes. So you will get double discounts - one discount of the 11-11 sale and then additional discount by using coupon codes on already discounted price.

I have collected a huge list of Black Friday coupon codes for you and compiled them in a spreadsheet along with the product page links and I will keep adding more coupon codes as well. I have also made a video about how to use the coupon codes to get the huge discounts.

GearBest 11-11 Chinese Black Friday Deals Page

Additional Discount Coupon Codes Spreadsheet for 11-11 Black Friday

The link of the GearBest 11-11 deals page and the link of the coupon codes spreadsheet are given above. Feel free to bookmark them and share them with your friends and family.

But there are few important things you need to consider to get the maximum discounts on Chinese Black Friday sales.

1. These coupon codes do not work in GearBest smartphone app. So use them only in the web browser, better on a computer instead of smartphone.

2. Few coupon codes are limited and time sensitive. So if you find a product of your choice in this list, buy it as soon as possible to get additional discount using coupon code.

3. Some coupon codes are valid for longer period after the 11-11 sell ends on 20th November. So you can use them for future shopping too as long as products are in stock.

4. Coupon codes for the specific store category are valid for the whole month and you can use them till 30th November for every product in those category.

So, this is the best time of the year to do all the shopping you wanted. Go ahead and enjoy the benefit of the 11-11 Chinese Black Friday sales and coupon code I have collected for you.