Since the first smartphones were introduced to the market, mobile apps have grown tremendously in their popularity. Actually, the whole industry has grown along with them. And now, everybody wants to become a part of this fast-growing industry, because it opens up countless possibilities, especially for young developers.

Nowadays, almost everything is possible with the help of mobile apps. For example, you can edit photos and videos, book flights and hotel rooms, find delicious recipes, learn foreign languages and the list goes on. Business people weren't left out either. Since business apps are the most lucrative ones, therefore plenty of innovations take place in this category of apps. Most often than not, these are all apps that can make the lives of business people stress-free and drastically improve their work productivity.

You probably hear word productivity wherever you go and on every corner, right? It's completely normal since just like mobile apps, word productivity also grew in its popularity. It is now used by everyone, from big company CEOs, basketball players, formula 1 drivers all the way to professors, accountants and investors.

Best Smartphone Apps for Business and Productivity

But, what does it actually stands for? It can stand for a lot of things, every industry is interpreting it in its own way but. However, there is also one widely accepted definition: it is a measure of the efficiency of a machine, person, system, engine, factory, etc., in turning inputs into valuable outputs. When we think of our own productivity or the productivity of our employees, we usually think of how much we or they can achieve in one day or hour.

In the business world, productivity is measured exactly the same the only difference is the metrics we use. They can differ from one industry to another, and they can be all kind of things like a number of closed deals, contracts signed, emails send and so on.

Usually, people are most productive when they are in their own traditional work environment like their office spaces. If they would like to stay productive while traveling, the only option is to use some clever and innovative mobile apps. This is why business people are the big fans of productivity mobile apps. Most of those apps allow them to bring their work and even the whole offices with them on a business trip.

This is why we decided to share with you one really interesting interactive infographic made by people from Cometdocs. It will show you what mobile apps can completely replace your traditional office equipment like sticky notes, printer, and documents cabinet. Just click on the blue dots in order to find out what app replaces the selected office element.

Best Smartphone Apps for Business and Productivity (Interactive Infographic)