After few days of teasing, Insta360 has finally revealed its latest 360-degree action camera, Insta360 One X, that comes with some unique and high-tech features.

Insta360 One X is targeted at action-oriented consumers and it is capable of recording 5.7K resolution videos in 360-degrees with impressive FlowState stabilization and 18MP still images in 360-degrees and in HDR.

Insta360 One X : Full Hardware Specs, Features, Prices and Availability

But the most impressive feature of the Insta360 One X are the Drift Shot and TimeShift mode. Drift Shot captures an action from multiple angles to create an amazing view.

TimeShift mode creates amazing Cinematic Slow Motion effects in the captured video that creates beautiful effects, first time in a consumer level camera. It manipulates time and frame in the video to create a perspective that earlier was possible only with couple of cameras and pro-level video editing.

Insta360 One X provides an unlimited field of view and gimbal-level stabilization. It also comes with high-FPS shooting modes. Insta360 One X can record 360-degree videos at 5.7K at 30 FPS, 4K resolution videos at 50 FPS and 3K videos at 100 FPS to provide great amount of details and super-smooth video allowing user to slow down videos to highlight the perfect action.

The 18 MP photos captured on Insta360 One X also show great amount of detail and low-light imaging capability due to large pixels.

The One X app is available for both Android and iOS and lots of options to users like to reframe the best parts of the shot, and later connect them with ultra-smooth camera movements, to add your favorite music and effects to create a perfect shareable content for social media.

Insta360 One X also supports the Invisible Selfie Stick feature that we have seen earlier on Insta360 One. It removes the selfie stick completely from a shot giving an impression that the camera is suspended in the air. Based on this, the Bullet Time feature also works on it perfectly.

Insta360 One X comes with a removable 1,200 mAh battery that is claimed to provide an hour of continuous shooting. It comes with WiFi feature using which user can transfer files or use the data cable for the same purpose.

Insta360 One X comes with lots of accessories. Two of the highlighted ones are the Venture Case and Dive Case. The first one is a tough shell case designed for above-water shooting to provide splash protection and waterproofing to 5 meters. And the Dive Case allows underwater 360- degree shooting up to 30 meters of depth.

Insta360 One X is available in the Insta360 Store and the price of Insta360 One X is $400.