With Google shiny new Pixel 3 series of smartphones being launched, we felt it would be great to turn back into the pages of history and have a look at the journey of all of Google's smartphone creations. To help you visualize this we have an infographic from HomeTop that beautifully shows us the journey from the first Android phone, the first Nexus phones to the latest Pixel devices.

While the HTC G1 was not a Nexus device it was the first Android phone. So it remains an important point in the history of Android. Armed with a slider keyboard and trackball it was designed for people who wanted to get their jobs done on the move. While it did not have great performance, the single core processor and 192 MB of RAM helped it scoot along nicely. The G1, in fact, did not even have a front facing camera and made do with just a single 3.15 MPx camera.

The first Nexus, in fact, was the Nexus One. This phone was built by HTC and based on the HTC Desire. It brought along improved specifications in terms of a larger and higher resolution AMOLED display, better camera, faster processor and 512 MB of RAM. Despite not selling very well it was one of the first true challenger to the iPhone.

The Nexus One then began the trend of the Nexus smartphones which had a simple recipe of value hardware and stock Android experience with regular updates. Over the years Google launched many Nexus smartphones collaborating with many manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Motorola and Huawei. The final two Nexus devices were the Nexus 5X which was a nod to the popular Nexus 5, and the Nexus 6P which was a premium offering after which Google shut down the Nexus program to the disappointment of their fans.

Then came the more premium Pixel smartphones which had the same basic recipe as the Nexus phones; great software experience and quick updates. But to that Google added premium build, better hardware experience and class-leading cameras. The Pixels were also split into two versions; a smaller petite sized version and a much larger "XL" variant for people who wanted a larger screen for more creativity. One of the most popular Pixel devices is the Pixel 2 XL, which got a fresh minimalistic design with cool colours and an amazing camera experience that was unparalleled. So good it was in fact that even after a year it remains one of the best cameras on a smartphone.

This brings us to the Pixel 3 series which pushes the envelope further with a much larger display with lesser bezels, improved cameras, more memory and of course faster performance. Are they the best smartphones Google has made? only time will tell but for now, you can check the cool infographic and tell us of your favourite Nexus or Pixel device.

The History and Evolution of Google Smartphone from Nexus to Pixel Devices (Infographic)

The History and Evolution of Google Smartphone from Nexus to Pixel Devices (Infographic) - www.ShaanHaider.com
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