Our computers are an essential part of our lives and these days we spend more and more time on them. Due to this, our PCs and computers also store lour sensitive and important data. Safety of such data is important for our privacy and security as it can cause harm in various ways including financial.

Here are top three and must have software applications for the safety of your computers and data. You can buy them or any other software on BlueJadeServices.com at 10% discount using the coupon code - @shaanhaider10 or clicking here

Top 3 Must Have Safety Software for PC in 2019

Top 3 Must Have Safety Software for PC in 2019

Hide My Ass Pro VPN

VPN are very popular these days for two reasons- for better privacy and to access the geographically restricted content.

A VPN software reroutes the user traffic and hides their identitiy by hiding the real IP of the users. This way, user can browse the Internet annonymously without revealing their identity and can also access the restricted content by changing their IP to some other country and location.

It is very effective method to avoid tracking of your Internet activity and avoid hackers from getting access to your computers.

Hide My Ass
is one of the most popular and effective VPN software available. The one year subscription of it, let you use it on unlimited devices including smartphones and tablets.

Kaspersky Total Security 2019

As the name suggest,Kaspersky Total Security 2019 protects users from all kind of threats on the Internet. It is an award-winning software that comes with innovative Hybrid Protection, that combines  the power of the cloud and user's PC.

It provides a central security management of multiple PCs from a single PC and advanced password vault to avoid any identity theft. It also comes with a parental control feature to keep your kids safe online and monitor their activities.

User can also schedule the backup of their photos, music, and financial data and can use the encrypted vaults to securely store important files.

The one year subscription of this can be used on 5 devices.

Norton Security Deluxe 2019

Norton Security Deluxe 2019 protects home computers with smart firewall feature and defends PCs against all kind of threats like virus, malware, spamware etc.  It also comes with automatic backup feature to save important documents and media files

With one single subscription, you can secure your multiple PCs, Mac computers, smartphones and tablets. The subscription also includes the 25GB of cloud storage for the backup of important data.


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