Right before the MWC 2019 Shanghai, OPPO teased about their upcoming under-screen front camera technology and now OPPO has officially unveiled its Under-Screen Camera (USC) technology at MWC Shanghai 2019 to bring the “real full screen” user experience.

Under-Screen Camera (USC) is OPPO’s latest innovation in new-generation smartphone form factor. It integrates the front camera and the screen to provide an immersive screen and an integrated smartphone body. It also enables users to see and capture the entire screen, take photos, use face unlock and make video calls.

OPPO Under-Screen Camera (USC) Technology

USC comes with a customized camera module that captures more light; zoning control and highly-transparent material to improve the transmittance of light through the screen. OPPO has also developed an algorithm that includes haze removal algorithm and white balance algorithm using which USC can provide regular camera experience.

Along with the Under-Screen Camera (USC) technology, OPPO also showcased the OPPO Reno 5G loading a high-end mobile games in the cloud via a 5G network, enabling users to enjoy 5G cloud gaming.

OPPO also featured its IoT Open Platform, which is compatible with products across more than 20 categories, including more than 260 devices from a variety of brands.

Andy Shi, President - OPPO MEA, said;
OPPO is committed to product and technology innovation that creates a more immersive and comprehensive experience for users. USC is part of OPPO’s vision for the future that we hope will promote the industry’s technological evolution from zero to one. We also view our technological innovation as a way to expand the imagination while opening up a wide range of application scenarios.

As smartphone offers more functionalities nowadays, users have higher demand for immersive and broad screen view. From the water-drop screen to pivot structure, to USC technology announced today, OPPO has been exploring the best balance between ‘thin and light’ and ‘full screen’.OPPO hopes to provide users with the ultimate ‘true full screen’ through the USC technology.