Twitter is one of the most popular social networking site and that is why, it is having lots of apps and clients which improves the user experience of a Twitter users. Hope that you guys remember that few days before I made the post in which I talked about that how you can update your Twitter status from the Google Plus and Facebook. And now there is a new Twitter app which let you use Twitter from your Gmail account. is a Twitter tool which is designed to use Twitter from your Gmail, iGoogle page or directly from your web browser. TwitterGadget supports nearly every feature of the Twitter. Some of the features of TwitterGadget are given below :

HOW TO : Use Twitter From Gmail Account
- Built-in URL shortening

- Supports keyboard shortcuts

- Show the URL previews

- Media uploads to your tweets

- Having the support for Twitter Lists, Trending Topics, Geo-location and more

- Built-in search option

- Having the facility to "@reply All"

- Auto refresh option

- Shows the conversations in threads

The detailed tutorials are also given on the site to install the TwitterGadget on Gmail, iGoogle or standalone. You can also check the shortcuts for Twitter there on the site. For more information you can watch the video given below.