Twitter is one of the most popular social networking site and that is why there are lots of Twitter clients available worldwide and the number of Twitter clients are increasing everyday. And here is a new Twitter client, Tweephone. But what makes it totally different from other Twitter clients is that Tweephone is the first analogue Twitter client ever. An analogue app in the time of digital. Sounds crazy, right?

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Tweephone : The First Analogue Twitter Client (Video)

Tweephone is a joint project of two friendly digital firms, UP Digital Bureau and Unteleported Tech Agency. Now anyone can post to Twitter from an old analogue phone which is also hard to find these days. The text dialing on Tweephone is based on the same principle of the modern cell phones. For example, to type «a» you have to dial «2» once, and to get «f» you dial «3» three times. To send the tweet created you just have to simply hang up the phone. All tweets dialed on Tweephone are posted on the personal twitter account of Tweephone which is @tweephone.

Most of the tweets sent from the Tweephone are so short and you can easily understand the reason behind this. And if you are one of those people who think that 140 characters are not enough to express yourself and you find ways to tweet more than 140 characters then, you need to use Tweephone. It will change your mind forever for sure ;)

Tweephone : The First Analogue Twitter Client (Video)