Whether they are searching for the best apartments for rent Harrisburg, PA has to offer, checking up on the morning news, shopping online or killing some time with a game, more and more people are using their smartphones to get online. This poses many challenges for website managers and online business owners, not least of which is how they should optimize their site for access from a smartphone.

The big decision is whether you want to go for a website that is user-friendly for smartphone users or develop an app that users can install directly onto their smartphones. Check out the benefits of each method to help you make your decision.

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Native App or Mobile-friendly Website?

Mobile-Friendly Website Pros :

More Users : A mobile-friendly website allows your site to be easily accessed by both smartphone users and users who are using a non-smartphone cellphone to access the internet.

Lower Barriers : Even smartphone users may not want to take the time to download an app, so if they visit your page they can easily browse your content.

Lower cost : A website redesign can often be cheaper than developing an app, especially because it can be suitable for all users. An app may have to be specially designed for various different platforms.

Quicker to market : Once your website is designed, it can be up and running for all users right away. Any redesigns you make will be reflected in every users experience, unlike apps that must first be downloaded and then updated by users when you make changes.

Native App Pros :

Less Problems with Connections and Data : We all know that mobile devices can have problems with coverage. Native apps can be designed to still be useful even if the user cannot access the internet. Because native apps can store data on the smartphone, users can have a faster experience with less use of their data allowance.

A Better Experience : Smartphones are super powerful, and native apps can use the device's own features to give an overall better experience. The app can seamlessly integrate into the phone, making it a better way for the user to interact with you. This immersion is more professional and user-friendly for your customers.

Ease of Discovery : With the ability to tag your app in online stores (other ways to publicize it), native apps offer you an extra way to be found by users. A popular app can also be featured on in the app store, enhancing brand awareness.

One other thing to bear in mind is that there is no reason you cannot invest in both a mobile-friendly website and a custom app. In fact, that is the best way to go.