The technology is galloping forward unceasingly upgrading its devices with increased capabilities. These changes have considerable impact on web design, web development and other web manipulations. To be a successful web designer one should make his web design products highly adaptable and flexible to keep in pace with the changing devices, the different screen sizes and their resolutions.

Mobiles, Tablets, iPhones and iPads are now prevalent in use and in future they may completely replace desktops. ‘Responsive Web Design‘is a new trend in this field which enables the users to view the websites in any kind of screens, bigger or smaller in a user friendly manner.

The Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Now web design for mobile is in great demand due the increase in the number of mobile users. One cannot make different web pages for different user devices. The best possible solution for this is to use the all persuasive designing scheme like responsive web design. One should be able to include standards -based technologies into the designs to make them not only flexible but also adept in adapting to any kind of devices.

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Responsive Web Design is an effective method to render the web contents fluid enough to get rearranged, removed, expanded or shortened depending on the size and resolution of the device. In this concept of web design Java script, CSS and CSS3 are used to make the contents adaptable to a 29 inches screen or at the same time for a half inch mobile screen also. Thus clear visibility is attained through any device with any size of screen or volume of revolution.

Responsive web design is a timely solution for the challenges faced in the usability of the websites for e –commerce through mobiles. Search engine optimization also welcomes responsive web design as an effective option to do away with the difficulties caused by the advent of numerous kinds of screens and its varied capabilities.

Flexible grid is a vital part of any modern web design. It enables the users to accommodate any number of browsers according to their preference. These grids help to change the layout of the site depending on the size of the browser’s view point. Blending of flexible grids, flexible images and media queries help to enhance the intended design within different viewing contexts.

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Web design is always challenging with the changing world of web and its devices and concepts like responsive web design can equip the designers to keep going with the tide and flow.

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