By now everyone has heard that Apple is rolling out a brand new iPad, and while it appears to be a good leap forward in several areas, there are likely to be many people who currently own an iPad 2 and are asking themselves whether or not upgrading is worth the cost. Here are some pros and cons to upgrading that will help you make up your mind if you’re still on the fence.

First we’ll take a look at why you might want to move up to a New iPad. Then we’ll look at a couple of reasons why you might not.

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The New iPad

By far the largest selling point of the new product is the inclusion of a Retina Display much like the one that has been on the iPhone since the introduction of the iPhone 4, 2 years ago. The new iPad retina display contains double the resolution of the old, already impressive display. In keeping with apple’s definition of a “Retina Display” there are so many pixels that the human eye will not be able to distinguish them and items such as text will look as if they are actually printed on the screen. Anyone who has an iPhone 4 or 4S will be familiar with the stunning clarity of the screen, and is likely to shell out the extra cash to have it in a larger format, particularly for reading and web browsing, two areas where the tablet clearly wins over the phone.

The good news of the increased resolution is tempered somewhat by the fact that your current apps will not look amazing right out of the gate. It will take some time for developers to retool their apps to take advantage of the new screen. Not only that, but the fact that there are now a much larger number of pixels means that apps will start to grow in size. For instance, Apple’s own apps have more than doubled in size after the introduction of the new screen. Keeping this in mind, it might not make sense to buy the smallest available storage space, as it can quickly fill up if you are the type of person who has a ton of music and lots of apps, as most users of Apple products do.

The choice of whether or not to upgrade is definitely going to be based on one’s level of disposable income among other things, and one thing in favor of the upgrade is that Apple has kept the prices constant from the past generation of iPads, also those transitioning from an iPad 2 are likely going to be able to sell their current tablet for a decent price to put towards the purchase of a new one.

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The New iPad Apps
The final thing that might influence your purchase decision is the inclusion of 4G on the new model tablet. Although the 4G capable products will cost nearly $200 dollars more than their wi-fi exclusive counterparts, if you travel a lot or are not always near a wi-fi source, this might be a worthwhile investment. Although for those that have an iPhone as well, 4G might be a bit of overkill unless the money spent on the additional connectivity is not an issue for you and your budget.

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In summation, the new iPad is certainly an impressive bit of technology, and no one who purchases one is likely to suffer from too much buyers’ remorse. However, for those that have an iPad 2, it may not make too much sense to upgrade merely for a bigger screen and the ability to access higher mobile data speeds.

Should you buy the new tablet, here's a humerous look at how you can keep using your old iPad 2>.