A new blogger has most certainly got something to say. And, it is beyond a doubt that it will be worth reading and it will be worth understanding. A blogger, in time, hones his message by balancing what issues at his lips with what will move his audience. A blogger is a wordsmith in progress, in ways that even he does not realize. The expansion of the internet to include every layer of the world was a stroke of genius. Having blogs and having bloggers populate this sphere with such detail in eventuality paints a mosaic of human experience. But before such an altruistic step is taken, the new blogger must confront his greatest fear – understanding how to get a blog site up and who will do it?

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Blog Platfrom

To get started, blogs are built upon platforms. There are a number of different blogging platforms, depending on the format. Some want to do picture blogs, some want to do it in writing. Either way, the platform is the start of understanding which hosting a person should choose. The most prominent blogging platforms are, off course, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and Drupal. Each have their own strengths but, the majority usually side with WordPress being the better bet. If it is WordPress that one chooses as the blog platform then it is necessary to make certain that the hosting service that is chosen can host it efficiently.

Not only must the hosting service be able to host it, they must be able to install it. WordPress is a platform that is written in a script that is free to all who wish to use it. Now, we are bloggers, not software experts. As clearly as WordPress has described the instructions to a successful installation, the neophyte is not always going to appreciate the intricacies nor understand some of the jargon. How would anyone possibly understand terms like MySQL, and PHP and all those other acronyms that punctuate the long set of installation instructions.

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Installation Assistance

To overcome this dilemma, the host must do one of two things. Either offer one step installations through third party services like Fantastico of Softaculous. Then all you would have to do is fine your way to the control panel and click on the script installer. The application will pose a few simple questions, and in a few short minutes, the script is set up and the blogging can begin. In contrast, if the hosting service will have nothing to do with helping with the installation, then the new blogger is left to his own devices and will probably take a few days before throwing to all to the wind.

For a beginner, most people advice finding a basic service with no frills. The opposite is true. For a newbie, get the full package where the team is online and on phone support 24/7, because, you will not know what you are doing and your host should be there to help.