Cost-conscious, freedom-seeking wireless customers are learning that contract plans aren’t the only option for solid service and high performing cell phones. Over the past few years the prepaid wireless market has grown by nearly 20%. There may be several reasons for the growth of this particular market.

Some customers seek value and simply want to pay less for the good network quality available in prepaid plans. Many low volume phone users choose prepaid to avoid paying big monthly rates for services they don’t use. Many parents who pay for their kids’ phones decide to get prepaid plans to set financial and use limits. Other users want to avoid contracts or credit checks and opt for the financial flexibility of a prepaid plan.

In any event, it’s safe to say that prepaid wireless users value the simplicity, predictability, and flexibility of a prepaid wireless plan. Plus, consumers no longer have to sacrifice style for value, as many companies like Cricket Wireless are releasing stylish options for prepaid cell phones.< From : The 411 section of Cricket Community posts information that helps you understand various wireless plans and shares a variety of useful cell phone tips, including resources on Android smartphone apps, games, and mobile music services. Cricket Community serves as a news and educational resource provded by cell phone company, Cricket Wireless. Also Check :

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Who Uses Prepaid Wireless (Infographic)

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