One of the most popular image sharing service Instagram recently decided to turn off its integration with Twitter. Due to this, Twitter users will not be able to see the full Instagram images on the Twitter website like earlier. Instead of that they will get a link of the Instagram website where the image is located.

It is one of the way of Instagram to drive traffic to its website. It also shows that how Facebook, the owner of Instagram, trying to work against the rivals.

I know that this is really annoying for you and your Twitter followers if you people are an Instagram addict. But there are some solutions available for the Instagram-Twitter integration issue. Have a look on the solution given below and follow the one which suits you the most.

Top 3 Ways to Bypass the Instagram's Twitter Card Issue

1. Using the IFTTT Recipe

DJbentley, An IFTTT user, made a recipe using which you can solve the issue of Instagram integration with Twitter. All you have to do is to use the IFTTT Recipe and then, tag the Instagram image with #twitter.

IFTTT recipe will send it to the Twitter with the hovercard effect instead of the plain link to the Instagram site. Visit the link given below to use this IFTTT Recipe trick.

IFTTT Recipe to Solve the Instagram-Twitter Image Integration Issue

2. By Saving the Instagram Images on Phone

A. For Android Users

If you are an Android smartphone user then, just take a pic using Instagram app or select one from your phone's image gallery. Edit the pic as you want and then process it.

Now when the screen comes where you give the caption to the image and share it to your social networking profiles, just tap the Back key and cancel the posting of the image. The edited image will be saved on your phone's image gallery in Instagram folder. Now, you can tweet the image manually on Twitter or other social networking sites.

B. For iPhone Users

Open the Instagram app and visit the Settings option. Go to the "Save to Library" option and then turn on the "Filtered Photos" as shown in the image below.

Now all your edited Instagram images will be saved on your iPhone image gallery and you can post them manually on Twitter.

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3. Using other Social Networking Sites

Instagram is having the integration issues only with Twitter for now. So, you can post the images from Instagram to other sites like Tumblr, Flickr and FourSquare without any problems. After that just visit these sites or their official apps and re-share the Instagram image to Twitter.

Since now the image will be posted on Twitter from some other app than the Instagram, there will no issue in displaying the Instagram image to the Twitter timeline.

The drawback of the last two methods is that you will only get the Instagram edited images on your smartphone and these pics will not be posted on your Instagram profile. So, you will have to separately post the same images on Twitter and Instagram.

Keep in mind to turn off the sharing for Twitter when you are posting the image on Instagram otherwise it will be shared on Twitter twice. And feel free to share if you know any other trick to bypass the Instagram's Twitter integration barrier.