Hoot, everyone! Using social networking sites to go viral is no news to us. We all have accounts on different social sites, personal as well as official. But once you’re on them, what next?

Here we have some great ways to help you SEO your blog with Twitter!

Best Twitter Profile and Tweet Optimization Tips

1. Have a Trusted Profile

No matter how many profiles you make for each of your websites/blogs, be sure to fill up these profiles with enticing and descriptive information and images. Attract your audience towards following you, worshipping you.

Write about your own self, something that will help people to understand your connection with your website. Put up a clear and good photo of your own self, or your company logo for a company profile, so people can relate to. You can refer to some tips to create a Twitterific profile

2. Tweet your Blog Posts

Twitter allows only 140 characters to express ourselves in one tweet ( Read - 15 Ways to Tweet More Than 140 Characters ). Expressions are however, generally lengthy. Added to a URL from your blog, 140 characters seem really claustrophobic.

So, instead of copy pasting your link on a new tweet, take a new route. On your website, click on the ReTweet button, and to it add some quick enticing text that is sure to make your followers read it. If you haven’t already configured social media buttons for your website, or don’t know how to, you can try Configuring Social Media Buttons for Websites.

Twitter automatically shortens your URL and thus gives you more space to add a relevant description. So, be creative and attract the eyeballs of your followers with a catchy description with your blog post link.

3. Optimize Your Tweets

Twitter gives you live traffic report on each tweet with its ‘Retweets’ and ‘Favorites’. This makes it easy to find out which posts are generally loved, and which are frowned upon.

Accordingly, make changes to the next tweet and keep on reaching for the best way to engage your followers. Below is the example of an un-optimized Tweet and the same Tweet with optimization.

4. Don’t Just Tweet, But Sing the Birdsong (Regular updates)

Posting more grabs your followers’ attention. Especially something like a live newsfeed. Come up with regular updates from your website. Be your website’s own reporter. But keep it interesting and informative by tweeting useful post links of other blogs, news and updates of the interest of your followers, too.

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5. Hashtag Your Keyword(s)

I cannot NOT quote a favourite character from a popular TV show at this point.

“Barney: Hashtag burn, hashtag your tie is still dumb, hashtag refill!” – How I Met Your Mother

What this famous and legendary character is trying to say here is the use of hashtags is super-cool and gets you more exposure. You can interact with people talking about whatever you wish to tweet about by putting it after a hashtag. It gives your tweet a much bigger exposure and you get to engage with more people on related topic(s).

6. Add a Twitter Box on Your Website

Create your own Twitter widget for your website! This is a very cool new way of engaging your readers. Once you’ve got them engaged on your website, they’re sure to come back, even bring more traffic along!

With this magic box, people can directly follow you on Twitter, see your latest Tweets, and add their own thought to your train of thoughts if they find it useful and interesting.

7. Twitter Personalized for Your Mobile Handset

Yes, it is so much easier to Tweet on-the-go. Also, it is so much fun to have an on-the-go quick tweet, a chirp with a friend or colleague, finding out the moment someone ‘Favorite’s or ‘Retweet’s your post, check the traffic count on your posts, and- what can you not do on your mobile now?

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Twitter is there to provide you a fun-filled experience no matter what kind of mobile handset you have!

Happy Tweeting