Who doesn't enjoy a good laugh? Pranks are one of the best ways to poke fun at a friend or loved one. Since it seems that most people can't function without their cell phone, using the device as a tool in a practical joke is a no brainer. These classic high-tech shenanigans are fun for everyone.

Best Funny Cell Phone Pranks

Switch Contact Names

Cell phone owners never think about checking their contact's phone number before texting, so this is an easy way to trick someone into texting the wrong person. This prank works well for people who want to find out information about a possible love interest. You can also text to get embarrassing details about an event. Just be sure to change the contact name back after the joke ends!

Set or Delete Alarm Notifications

An alarm clock is probably the most used feature on a cell phone. If you plan to use this prank, get ready to make your friend late for work, class, or any other important event. If tricking your loved one into being late is too mean for your blood, try setting an alarm for a usual event - such as a middle of the night alert to take out the trash or an afternoon notification to go to the bathroom.

Take a Video Instead of a Picture

This classic cell phone joke works by convincing someone you're taking a picture. Instead of a happy, smiling picture you instead switch the phone feature to record a video. Depending on how long you can convince someone to smile for the cell phone, the footage will get funnier and funnier. Some people have successfully pulled off the video picture prank for more than two minutes.

Tape Over the Mouthpiece

There is nothing more annoying than answering a call from your phone and have someone constantly repeat "hello". While you're trying to talk at your usual tone, eventually you find yourself screaming. If this happened to you, it could be either due to accidentally muting a call or a tape prank. To avoid getting caught, the prankster should have enough time alone with the cell phone device to see where the mouthpiece is.

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Adjust the Autocorrect

This is perfect to pull on a grammar pro. Aside from checking for spelling errors, most people rely on their cell phone's autocorrect feature to make texting easier. You can adjust the settings on their phone and switch out words like "where" with "wear" or change "there" to "their." Choose to add complete phrases to really throw off your victim.

Avoid Getting Pranked

If you don't want to get on the receiving end of a classic cell phone prank, you should consider a device you're comfortable with. Whether you choose Blackberry phones, Windows 8 phones, or Android phones, get smart and ready to prank back when one of your friends tries their pranks on you.