In most homes you will find an old mobile phone left within a drawer, a dated laptop awaiting a trip to the tip, or a video camera used once but then ignored as smart phones can provide the same task. Technology has developed at such a rapid rate and is also affordable that we strive for the latest models on the market. The lifespan of some of our gadgets can be as little as a few months until we move on for something 'better'.

To produce these much loved gadgets to which we have come to rely upon, it requires the use of our earth’s resources, and with little effort on our part to recycle our old tech; these resources are quickly diminishing at an very alarming rate.

While recycling is a great way in which to preserve our resources for further generations, it is also a way in which to make a good return. Old mobiles can be recycled and in return you can receive anything from £40-£250 depending on the make and model. This is also the case for laptops, video cameras, DVD players, and televisions.

There are several outlets in which you can sell your old gadgets, from sites such as Envirofone dedicated to recycling old mobile phones to eBay where there are several people waiting to buy your old gadgets for spare parts. It couldn’t be easier or any quicker to do, and you could find yourself earning a large sum of money for something that would have continued to gather dust. have produced this infographic to outline just how our love of technology is risking our earth’s resources. With the financial rewards and knowledge that you are helping preserve future supplies, it would be silly not to dig those gadgets out and begin recycling.

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Why You Should Recycle Your Gadgets (Infographic)

Why You Should Recycle Your Gadgets (Infographic)
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