One of the thing you need to keep in mind while travelling abroad is that which type of electrical plug socket that country uses? If you do not know, there are different types of sockets used in different regions, having different standards of voltage supplies as well. So if you are travelling to a country having different types of plug sockets then, you will need to use the electrical socket adapters.

For example, I am from India but living in Saudi Arabia now. I am having gadgets which I have bought from India and Saudi Arabia. So, now I always carry and use adapters to connect my devices to the electrical sockets in appropriate standard. But it is not always possible to carry different types of the socket adapters all the time, specially if you travel to different countries a lot.

And if you also feel annoyed because of this then, there is an easy solution for this problem now as STK WorldWise Universal Power Travel Charger. I have recently received it for the review purpose from Gearzap, an online gadget accessory store from where you can buy smartphone accessories, Kindle accessories and accessories for your other gadgets.

STK WorldWise Universal Power Travel Charger : Hands-on Review

STK WorldWise Universal Power Travel Charger is a socket adapter for all country standards. It means you do not need to carry multiple socket adapters. It basically supports four different electrical plug and socket standards - United States, Australia, United Kingdom and European Union standards.

If you are traveling to any country which follows one of these four electrical socket standard, you can use the WorldWise Universal Power Travel Charger. So practically, you can use a single socket adapter in more than 275+ countries.

The design of this device is really nice and compact. All different types of pins are placed inside of each other so perfectly. Due to this, it takes very less space and you can carry it anywhere you want.

To use a particular type of plug, all you gotta do is to split the WorldWise Universal Power Travel Charger and adjust it for your desired plug. You can find the Release buttons on the sides to split the plugs.

It is also having a USB port on which you can connect a USB cable to charge your smartphone and tablets which support the USB charging. The USB port is given separately, so you can charge two devices simultaneously.

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There are two LED indicators are given which let you know if the USB port or the AC or both of are working. Both detachable adapter is having its own fuse. So, you can be sure about the safety of your devices while using it.


STK WorldWise Universal Power Travel Charger is a must have gadget for every person who love to travel to different countries frequently