Have you ever thought that what would happen to your online accounts and data if someday and somehow you will not be able to use them anymore or what should happen to your online data when you die? Most of the websites provide no solution for such scenario. But now Google is out with the Google Inactive Account Manager which let you decide and perform actions on your Google account and data if your account is inactive for a certain period of time.

Google Inactive Account Manager works for the entire Google account and services like Blogger, Gmail, Picasa, Google Plus, Google Drive etc. By configuring the Google Inactive Account Manager for your account, you can give instructions to Google what to do with your account data if you are no more or not able to use your Google account anymore for whatever reason.

HOW TO : Configure the Google Inactive Account Manager

You can either select all of your Google account data to be deleted permanently or to give the access to the data to the trusted people selected by you. There are lots of other options available as well in the Google Inactive Account Manager. So, have a look on the below instructions to know how to configure it perfectly.

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HOW TO : Configure the Google Inactive Account Manager

1. Open any Google service (Gmail, Blogger etc.) and login to your account. After logging in, click on your profile image at the top right corner.

2. From the options in the drop-down menu, click on the Account.

3. Your Google Accounts page will be open in a new browser tab. Scroll down to the Account Management section and click on the "Learn more and go to setup" link.

4. On the next page, you will find a small description of Google Inactive Account Manager. Click on the “Setup” button.

5. On the setup page, you will get the four different options to configure your Google Inactive Account Manager. A brief description of each of them is given below.

Timeout Period – In this, you select a time period which Google will consider to make your account inactive. If you do not use that account for the given time period then Google will consider your account as inactive. You can select the duration as 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months.

Alert Me – It sends you notification on your email or phone number one month before the timeout period you have selected for the inactivation of your account.

Notify Contacts and Share Data - It gives you the ability to add up to 10 people as your trusted contacts who will get notification from Google if your account is considered inactive. Using the “Share my data with this contact” option, you can also select any or all of the contacts to get the access of your Google account and data if it is inactive.

You can also configure auto-response in Gmail to reply back to the emails which you receive once your account is inactive.

Optionally Delete Account - You can use this to delete your Google account once it is inactive. It will delete data from all the Google products associated with that account like YouTube videos, Gmail emails, Blogger’s blog etc.

Once you are done with all the configuration in the Google Inactive Account Manager, click on the Enable button to activate your settings and configurations.