One of the best thing about jailbreaking your iPhone is that it brings the joy of using awesome and useful apps which are available only for the jailbroken iPhone. The same goes with the rooting your Android smartphone.

There are lots of apps available in the App Store which let your secure your iPhone using various password, pattern or pincode methods to unlock your device. But now a nice app is available which is really creative and music lovers will love it for sure.

Play Piano on iPhone Lock Screen to Unlock It

Piano Passcode is a device unlocking app which asks you to play the music on a piano to unlock it instead of some password or pin. Sounds great, right?

The working of the Pinao Passcode is pretty simple. Once the app is activated on your iPhone, first you will have to slide to unlock the screen in the regular manner. After that the piano will appear on the screen and you will have to play it for the defined music to unlock the iPhone screen fully.

Piano Passcode is having its own dedicated settings options using which you can enable or disable the app. You can define the combination of keys to play for unlocking the device in the settings .

Each key of the piano represent just a number. So actually, you just enter a pin number while pressing a key of the piano on your screen. Since it is a music based app, the digits available to assign to the keys are from 1 to 7 only just like the seven notes of music.

Piano Passcode is available to download for the iOS devices on Cydia. If you are a music lover and want to unlock the screen of your iPhone in a new and creative way then, this is the app for you.