Do you think you would have liked Pandora if it was around in the 1950s? Things may have worked a little differently back then. For instance, you would probably be forced to listen to commercials between songs, and you wouldn’t have the option of skipping over songs you don’t like. And because the song selection would be totally random, there would probably be quite a few songs you don’t enjoy.

It wouldn’t all be bad, though. You’d be able to just set it and forget it, and it would only cost about a nickel per song—unheard of in today’s music industry. There would also be the benefit of discovering all those songs you never even knew you hated. It would be kind of like a cross between a jukebox and a Magic 8 ball. Give it a shake, and let the random song play begin.

Curious what your other favorite music programs would have been like a few decades ago? Check out the infographic by below for a blast from the past on, Napster, iTunes, Grooveshark and Spotify.

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What if Spotify, iTunes, and Pandora Existed in the 50s? (Infographic)

What if Spotify, iTunes, and Pandora Existed in the 50s? (Infographic)
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