Google is integrating all its services more and more. If you are a social media marketer or a blogger, you should be knowing that Google Plus plays an important role in getting higher ranking on Google search results.

Google was already showing on Google search that how many people +1ed a particular website. Google Plus posts are also appearing more and more on search results and now Google has added the feature of sharing a Google search result to your Google+ profile directly from the search result page.

It is way of Google to get recommendation for the search ranking directly from users now. So, it can play a major role for webmasters. But if you are just a common user and would like to share and recommend a Google search result with your friends on your Google+ profile then, just follow the steps mentioned below.

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HOW TO : Share Google Search Results Directly to Google Plus

1. Search anything on

2. On the search result page, you will see a small arrow at the end of the title of the search results.

HOW TO : Share Google Search Results Directly to Google Plus

3. Click on that arrow and you will get three options in a drop-down menu.

4. Click on the Share option as shown in the image above.

HOW TO : Check the Cached Version of a Website on Google

Google no more provides the Cached link on the search results pages. People may think that this feature is entirely gone but it is still there on Google with less visibility.

The option to see the cached version of a webpage appearing on the Google search result is moved under the same drop-down menu mentioned and shown in the above method.

After clicking on the arrow, just click on the Cached option and then cached version of the webpage will be opened in a new browser window.