If you are an Apple fanboy then, you should be knowing that iPhone 5S is going to come out very soon. But until it is not out officially, you gonna envy the features of Samsung Galaxy S4. And it is not sure that iPhone 5S will have equivalent or better features than Galaxy S4.

And if you like the features of Galaxy S4 but want to stick with your iPhone then, the good news is that you can get most of the highlighted features of Samsung Galaxy S4 on iPhone as well. There are lots of iPhone apps available which perform the same tasks, less or more, like the special stock apps of Galaxy S4.

Earlier I have posted that how to get features of Samsung Galaxy S4 on any Android smartphone and this time I am sharing the iPhone apps which you can use to get the features of Galaxy S4 on iPhone.\

HOW TO : Get Samsung GALAXY S4 Features on iPhone

1. Dual Cam

Get Samsung GALAXY S4 Features on iPhone

Dual Cam is one of the most highlighted feature of Galaxy S4 which let you use both front and rear camera together and merge all the photos together in just one picture.

DuoCam is an app available for the iPhone which performs the same task. It let you use both camera of iPhone together to take pictures and put together them in one single image.

Download DuoCam

2. Optical Reader

Optical Reader on Samsung Galaxy S4 scan the texts of a document, image or paper using the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and extract it for the user. It is a helpful app for the tourists as it can also translate the extracted text in the language of your choice.

The best substitute for Galaxy S4 Optical Reader is Google Goggles which performs the same task and some more too as it is well integrated with the Google Search.

3. S Translator

Get Samsung GALAXY S4 Features on iPhone

As the name suggests, S Translator is a translation app which provides you the translation of the desired text. When it comes to the translation, nothing can beat the official Google Translate app which is available for iPhone as well.

Download Google Translate

4. S Health

It is an app which let you take care of health and provides various information related to your health and physical activity. There are lots of similar and better apps available which you can use to perform the same tasks like S Health. Visit the links given below and have a look on the few of the best health apps available for iPhone.

Top 4 iPhone Cholesterol Tracking Apps

5 iPhone Apps to Keep You Healthy and Fit

5. Group Play

Get Samsung GALAXY S4 Features on iPhone

Group Play is a multi-purpose app which let you share your song on multiple device and play it together. You can also transfer files, videos and games using Group Play. Though there is no app available to perform the exact tasks mentioned above, JukeBox Hero is an app which let you share your music with your friends.

Download Jukebox Hero

6. S Drive

S Drive is a nice hands-free app designed to help you use your Samsung GALAXY S4 while driving. It speaks the text messages and emails loudly while you are driving. You can also send a text or answer a call without even touching your phone.

Textn’ Drive is an app which is having similar features like the Samsung S Dive. You can listen to the text, emails and can also receive or answer a call without touching your cell phone while driving with the help of this app.

Download Text'nDrive

7. Samsung Knox

It is a business and security app which creates two separate profiles for your professional and personal use. Using this, you can keep the data safe, secure and away from each profiles to avoid any kind of issues.

Divide is an app which performs exactly the same task on your iPhone. You can have separate profiles for your business and personal life.

Download Divide