One of the most annoying thing is to get phone calls from unknown numbers. There can be numerous reasons for which a person would not like to answer the phone call coming from an unknown number. So, it is always better to get a little information about the person or the number calling you.

There are few smartphone apps available which provides a bit of information about the telephone number calling you like the city and country of the number. But you do not get any information about the person from whom you are getting the phone call.

Contactive is a new and nice smartphone application which let you know all the details of the person or number calling you. As we all know, Social Media is one of the most used thing on any smartphone these days. But making and receiving calls is still the most important task for any phone. Contactive adds both at one single place to perform the task it is designed for.

Download the Contactive Universal Caller ID for free from Google Play Store

HOW TO : Get Detailed Caller ID Information While Getting Calls for Unknown Numbers
Contactive unifies your phone contact with the social media profiles to give you details of the friend calling you. It also scans the entire web and their database to match the number calling you with the publicly available information of the phone numbers and then provide you the rich information card on your screen.

You can login into the app using your social media profiles like Facebook or Google Plus. You can also connect your Twitter, Gmail and LinkedIn account with Contactive app to get detailed information of your friends calling.

When someone calls, Contactive provide the details like the location of the caller, time of the last call from the same number, email id etc. It provides all the necessary information fast, so you can easily decide whether to answer the call or not.

You can also enable the full control of the calling UI in Contactive which let you answer the call, hang up, mute the conversation, add another caller, activate the speakers etc. Contactive also let you create the list of contacts. Once you connect your social networking accounts to the Contactive, you can get the social media updates of your friends under the Updates tab.

HOW TO : Get Detailed Caller ID Information While Getting Calls for Unknown Numbers
One of the best thing about Contactive is that it provides all the social media updates and buzz related to the phone number from which you are getting call. So if you are running out of topics to talk, you can have the look at the latest social media updates of the caller and start a conversation about it.

Contactive is having a huge list of social media sites from which it retrieves the publicly shared phone numbers to serve the Contactive users. Few of them are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, WhatsApp, Google Places, Tango, Skype, Yelp and Contactive’s very own Global Directory .

The only thing I didn’t like is that caller card stays on the screen even after finishing the conversation and you will have to manually exit the Contactive app. Also, sometimes the app made me feel that it is taking so much RAM while working that phone gets a bit slower.

Other than that, it is a very nice and useful app which will save your time and will also help you in getting rid of unwanted calls.