Few weeks back, I have posted about few useful Android smartphone apps to schedule the Silent mode on your phone. But these apps just activates the silent mode on your phone. If you are in a long meeting and some person is calling you repeatedly then, he can think you are ignoring the call.

The only solution for this situation is to send a response to the person that you are busy and will call back later. But chances are high that since your phone is in Silent mode, you will not even realize that you are getting calls.

Smart Responder is an useful Android app which let you send auto responses to the incoming phone calls when you activate the application on your phone. It is an easy to use app and works perfectly for what it is designed. The best thing is that you get the feature of custom auto responses to be send to the caller.

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HOW TO : Send Custom Auto Responses for Phone Calls When You Are Busy

1. Download the Smart Responder from Google Play Store.

2. Open the app and you will see five default options Driving, Meeting, Theater, Prayer and School. Each option is having a custom text attached to it which tells the caller the exact reason why you are not responding to the call

3. Tap on the option of your choice explaining the reason why you are busy and that mode will be turned on.

HOW TO : Send Custom Auto Responses for Phone Calls When You Are Busy
Now if somebody will call you then, the call will be disconnected and the caller will receive an SMS from your number having the texts of your selected mode on the app. To turn off the auto-responses, go to the main menu of the Smart Responder and tap the activated mode again.

Keep in mind that if a person calls you multiple times within 20 minutes then, the caller will receive the SMS only for the first call. It is a nice approach to save your money on SMS being sent as auto-response to the calls.

4. If you want, you can also change the text of the various modes available on the app. Just tap and hold an mode and the option to edit the texts attached to it will appear on the screen. Just edit the auto-response message and tap on the Update button to save the new message.

5. You can also include new modes of your choice by tapping on the "+" icon. Just add the auto-response message, give a title to the new mode and it will be added on the main menu of the app.

The major drawback of the app is that there is no option of scheduling or assigning a time duration. For example, if you turned on the Smart Responder and forgot to turn it off again then, your phone will keep rejecting the calls until you turned off the app manually. So, assigning the time duration to turn it off automatically would be better.

Also if you perform a task repeatedly or at some particular time everyday then, it would be nice to have an option to schedule the app to be activated for some particular mode by itself. Other than these minor features missing, Smart Responder is a nice and useful app to help you.