With the rise of technologies used all over the internet, privacy is a major concern nowadays. Think of an “it’s none of your business” situation. Imagine an approaching salesperson, desiring your email address without even a handshake and “How do you do?” These people want to get your information without even asking you.

It’s happening most of the time, 58% of people surveyed, are not sure exactly how online behavior is tracked and privacy policies applied. They are not even aware what’s happening when they are browsing the internet or using social networks.

Have you read Facebook’s privacy policy (all 9,363 words of it)?

If sending emails and browsing web pages, you’re likely among those people providing 20,971520 megabytes of information to Google and various services throughout the digital landscape.

Google is the most-used search engine in the world; back in 2006, engineers produced software allowing company streetcars to collect Wi-Fi information. Though facing lawsuits for potential breach of private information, Google settled, paying more than $5 million.

But, where’s all that information? What will they do on this information they have collected?

Remember the days of unsolicited phone calls. We would like to forget, but in modern times, unsolicited calls come in the form of digital advertising and targeting. If you’re not exacting the following privacy protection solutions, you’re 4X more likely to attract unsolicited emails and online tracking:

Change privacy settings on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Google Plus

Update your computer or mobile device’s browser

35% would use Facebook less, and 50% of those surveyed said the same about Google regarding read privacy guidelines. It’s not too late. Mind the following data; read how to protect your private information and online behavior.

If you care about your privacy, you must be aware on what’s happening while you’re using internet. An infographic below by WhoIsHostingThis will give us more insights about internet privacy.

How Much Private Data You Are Sharing Online Unknowingly (Infographic)

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