Twitter is a great source of news and information for many users. Thousands of links related to news, offers, promotions are being posted everyday on Twitter. Few of them are time sensitive as well.

If you are a blogger or an affiliate marketer then chances are high that you post the time sensitive tweets. For example, tweets about some daily deals or some upcoming events etc. But those tweets could still appear in the timeline of your followers later when the tweet is no longer useful for its time sensitive content.

And if you do not want to annoy your followers for such tweets then, you got to delete those tweets once they are outdated. Well, finding and deleting a tweet is obviously a boring task specially if you tweet a lot.

The good news is that you can automate the process of deleting the time sensitive tweets once they are no more useful. Spirit is a very useful Twitter tool which deletes the time sensitive tweets automatically once they are expired.

Twitter Spirit is an easy to use application. Just visit the and click on the “Enable Spirit” button. Connect your Twitter account with Spirit app by login through Twitter OAuth. Once the “Read and Write Permission” is granted to the app, it is ready to act on your time sensitive tweets.

It will keep monitoring your tweets and whenever it finds a time sensitive tweets posted by you which is expired now, it will delete it from your profile. But to let the Spirit app know the expiration time a tweet, you will have to attach a time indicating hashtag to your tweet.

HOW TO : Set Expiration Time for Your Twitter Tweets to Delete Automatically
You can use three different types of time indicating hashtags to send the signals to the Twitter Spirit app. You can either mention the minutes, hours or days in the hashtag. The format is to put the numeric and the first alphabet of the time unit you are selecting.

For example, you can use the hashtags are #3m, #3h or #3d. Then the Twitter Spirit app will delete your tweet after 3 minutes, 3 hours and 3 days respectively. The best thing is that this app totally works on just the hashtag mentioned in your time sensitive tweet. So, you can use any Twitter client, Twitter web or mobile website to post the tweet and Spirit will keep an eye on them as long as a time indicating hashtag is attached in the tweet.

If you ever feel like to stop Spirit from deleting your tweets, just go to the Twitter Settings page and revoke access to this app. To enable it again, just follow the steps mentioned above.

Using this nice Twitter tool, you can easily set expiration time for your tweets and manage your tweets and Twitter profile in a better way.