Twitter is an awesome social networking site and having a very minimalist look as I already posted in the Blueprint Of The Twitter. Even though Twitter is having lots of awesome features, people love to add more features like 15 Ways To Tweet More Than 140 Characters . There are already few popular services to post images and videos to Twitter. And now you can also send the audio tweets on Twitter.

Here I am sharing the 7 methods of sharing the audio tweets on Twitter. If you know any other one then, feel free to share it in the Comments section.

7 Ways To Send Audio Tweets On Twitter

1. TweetMic : TweetMic is an iPhone application that provides the simplest way to publish audio recordings to Twitter. You can do unlimited recording and there is no need to signup to send audio tweets using TweetMic

How to Send Audio Tweets

2. AudioBoo : You can record or upload a previously recorded audio file to AudioBoo to send an audio tweet. You can also post your recording to Facebook

3. Chirbit : Chribit let you share audio with your friends on Twitter & Facebook. You can upload previously recorded audio in mp3, wav, aiff, wma and m4a formats or you can record on the go using your iPhone, Blackberry, Android or any smart phone.

How to Send Audio Tweets

4. Twitter Audio : It is a desktop application which you can use to record and send audio tweet plus the text tweet of 110 characters together. It is just that simple.

How to Send Audio Tweets

5. SoundCloud : A popular website for musicians which also allows you to record and post your recordings on Twitter as audio tweets.

6. AudioTweet : It is the most unique service to send audio tweets. You do not need to record your voice to send audio tweets using the Audio Tweet. Just type your message and select the language and Audio Tweet will convert the texts into audio. Audio Tweet uses the Google Translate for this. You can share the audio to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

How to Send Audio Tweets

7. ShoutOmatic : On ShoutOmatic, you can record and share it by Email, Facebook and Twitter. You can also post audio shouts to a specific friend's wall in Facebook or tweet shouts to a specific @Twitter user. It also allows you to send Direct Message Shouts (DMS) on Twitter.