YouTube is one of the biggest source of the information and entertainment on the Internet these days. There are lots of software and websites available using which you can download YouTube videos. But what if you want to print a YouTube video?

Earlier if you wanted to make a summary of any YouTube video, you would have to take the screenshot of the various frames of the video and then place them at one place. It was a boring, time consuming and tiring task.

But now you can automate this entire process and can get the entire YouTube video in a storyboard style poster. Print YouTube is an easy to use tool which captures frames of a YouTube video and present them in one single page as a storyboard.

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HOW TO : Print or Create Poster of a YouTube Video
When you watch a YouTube video, Print YouTube automatically downloads the frames from the video to create the storyboard in the background. Once you use the app, it connects all the frames at one place in the correct sequence to create one big poster to print and as use as storyboard.

To start creating the stroyboards and printing the YouTube videos, drag the browser bookmarklet given below to the bookmark bar of your web browser.
Print YouTube Video
Once the bookmarklet is installed correctly, open any YouTube video and click on the bookmarklet. It will instantly generate the storyboard for that particular video. You will be able to directly take a print of it or save it as a PDF file for future use.

There is no restriction on the size of the video which you can use to get the storyboard which means you can use the Print YouTube app on a 2 minute long video and also on a 2 hours long video.

The best thing is that you do not need to wait the entire video to buffer or download in your browser. As soon as the YouTube video page is loaded, you can click on the bookmarklet to create the storyboard poster of the YouTube video and print it.