Science fiction has always enjoyed a huge and loyal following and when it comes to adventures in space and boldly going where no one has gone before, there is only one show that love more than any other and that show is of course, Star Trek.

Many of the gadgets and equipment used on Star Trek remain firmly in the realms of fiction rather than fact and we are still not able to beam ourselves to another location using a teleporter but there are certain items and ideas that started out as science fiction and have subsequently become fact.

With permission granted to come aboard, why not explore this interactive version of USS Enterprise and click on the science fiction and science fact buttons to see what has made the crossover into the real world.
Star Trek Technology and Gadgets in Real Life(Interactive Infographic)
Find out if we are likely to be able to replicate la Forge’s visor and discover whether the favoured items in Dr McCoy’s medical kit like his scanner are pure fantasy or a technological prophecy.

As the latest Star Trek movie was based in the 23rd century, we do at least have time on our side to develop the capability of replicating the Turbolift that allows high speed passage throughout starships and space stations through specially constructed turboshafts.

An ever-present piece of kit throughout the Star Trek series has been the Phaser, which is capable of emitting a burst of energy designed to either stun or kill and enemy. We now of course have the Taser which is certainly of stunning an adversary but Japanese scientists have in fact managed to develop the world’s first Phonom Laser which works by blasting out sound waves. Whilst it might not yet blast away a Klingon, if you happen to see one in real-life, it shows that the creators of Star Trek had some good ideas that were perhaps not as fantastical as we first imagined.

Here is an infographic by to let you explore this special version of the SS Starship for yourself and take the opportunity to separate fact from fiction.

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Star Trek Technology and Gadgets in Real Life(Interactive Infographic)