Smartphones are an integral part of our life now. Technology, smartphone and Internet are changing how we used to act or behave about something. Specially when it comes to communication of information, we are in a totally new era. Like any other thing in this world, there are good and bad effects of this technological advancement in the world of communication.

Millions of people use various instant messaging services, video chatting app and emails to reach to other people instantly. Thousands of gigabytes of data is being shared everyday all over the Internet. But it can also affect our privacy negatively. Our sensitive data which we keep in our smartphones or share with other people using the social media, IM etc can go into wrong hands easily if we do not take care of it properly.

In the world of global village and long distance relationship, people stay in touch with their significant others with the help of technology using social media, video chatting, instant messaging etc. It is natural to spend some intimate moments together like sexting, sending private pictures etc. But if you are not careful, these nice moments can come come back to haunt you later. The same goes with the any confidential and private information like passwords, bank details, credit card numbers etc.

It is always better to take precaution while sending or receiving any private information over the Internet if you do not want anyone else to find it later. Here is a nice inforgraphic developed by McAfee and Intel that shows some nice stat about the sexting, cyber sex and sharing private data on the Internet. It also gives us the idea of how you can protect your private data in going into the wrong hands and how to protect your privacy.

Have a look on the below infographic about the new age relationship behaviour, activities and the precautions you can take to keep our privacy secure over the Internet.

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