Instagram is one of the most popular smartphone app. People use it heavily to share pictures and small video clips. Though Instagram provides lots of nice filters and effects, there are certainly few things which are very annoying about the Instagram.

The first thing is that it supports uploading the pictures only in the square 1:1 shape, second one is that it does not provide the option of uploading and seeing images in HD quality and the third one is that it does not provide the zoom feature which is pretty much related to the second issue I have mentioned.

There is no solution available for the first two problems yet but you can take the screenshot of Instagram image and later watch it by zooming it on your device. Well, this is not a permanent solution and you will have to take screenshot every time you want to zoom an image.

If you are an iPhone user then, you can use an iPhone feature to enable the zoom-in functionality on Instagram iPhone app. Just follow the steps given below for that.

Tip : This feature works everywhere on the iPhone and not just exclusive for the Instagram images.. So, you can zoom your iPhone screen while using any app using this iPhone trick. But since Instagram addicts are suffering because of the lack of the zoom-in feature on Instagram, I am sharing this trick to enable zoom feature on iPhone specially for them.

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HOW TO : Enable Zoom-In Feature in iPhone to Zoom Instagram Images

1. First of all, go to the Settings app of your iPhone.

2. Now, navigate to the General and then to Accessibility

3. Under the Accessibility section, tap on the Zoom option as shown in the below image.

HOW TO : Enable Zoom-In Feature in iPhone App to Zoom Instagram Images

4. Now, turn on the Zoom option.

You can read the instruction after turning on the Zoom feature on iPhone that -

a. You will have to double tap the screen using three fingers to zoom the content appearing on the screen

b. Drag using three fingers to move around the zoomed screen

c. Double tap the screen using three fingers and drag to change the zooming effect on iPhone screen

5. Now launch the Instagram app on your iPhone and browse through the images. One you find an image which you would like to zoom, just double-tap on the screen using three fingers and that Instagram picture will be zoomed.