If you are a Twitter user then, you should be knowing that Twitter is always full of noise, specially if you are following lots of people. Twitter receives thousands of tweets every second. So if you search about any keyword, hashtag, popular person or event on Twitter, you will see thousands of tweets coming on your screen. But what if you want to filter out this search result to find something specific following the Twitter parameters like ReTweets, Mentions or Favorites?

TweetDeck, one of the most popular and the best Twitter client, is having a very nice search feature in which you can specify the number of replies, ReTweets or Favorites which a tweet received under the search result. Using this tool, you will see only those tweets in the search which are only having the specified numbers of ReTweets, Favorites or Mentions received. This way you can see the most important and most popular tweets related to your search query.

Advance Twitter Search Tips, Tricks and Tools

Though this feature is not officially available on Twitter yet. There is a little trick which you can use to search tweets based on the specified number of ReTweets, Mentions, Favorites or all of them together. Have a look on the tutorial how to use Twitter Search like a pro.

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How to Search Twitter Tweets Based on Number of ReTweets, Favorites, Mentions and Media Content

1. Go to Twitter and type your serach query in the search box at the top right navigation menu.

2. Now, leave a blank space and type or just copy and paste this after the search query.

min_retweets:[number] or min_faves:[number]

3. Remove the [number] with the number of ReTweets or Favorites which you want a tweet to have for the search query.

For example, if you are searching about Apple iPhone 6 and want only those tweets to appear in the search results which received at least 10 ReTweets or 5 Favorites then type in the search box as shown below.

Apple iPhone 6 min_retweets:10 or min_faves:5

4. You can also include the search operators like filter:images and filter:news to get more precise results. For example, to search tweets about Apple iPhone 6 having at least 10 ReTweets or 5 Favorites and also include an image, you will have to type in the search box as follow –

Apple iPhone 6 min_retweets:10 or min_faves:5 filter:images

So, how you useful think this advanced Twitter search trick will be for you? If you are a social media manager or just an active Twitter use, you can check the performance of your Twitter campaigns using on this trick.