Twitter is one of the most popular social media website, thanks to all the celebrities and business brands using Twitter to communicate with their fans and customers. Twitter is also used massively for the branding and marketing purpose.

One of the thing which Twitter made really popular is Hashtags. Hashtags are so popular now that even other major social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram etc followed the footsteps of Twitter and included the hashtags in their interface and features.

But many people still do not know what are hashtags and how to use the Twitter hashtags properly. On Instagram, few people just use dozens of hashtags in a single post to grab the maximum attention. But you can’t do the same on Twitter as it will be considered as spamming.

Hashtags are used to highlight the topic or theme of your tweets. You can also use them to search tweets about a particular subject, event or topic. If used properly, Twitter hashtag is a great social media marketing tool too. There are many benefits of Twitter hashtag, including getting more ReTweets, but you need to know how to use this Twitter feature properly.

Here is a nice infographic which gives some interesting stat and facts about the Twitter hashtags. It also provides some useful tips on how to use the Twitter properly. If you are a new Twitter user or just want to improve the reach of your Twitter profile using hashtags then, just have a look on the below infographic and share your views in the Comments section.

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