Google offers lots of useful services and apps. Google Maps is one of them. It is so popular that even iPhone and Apple fanboys prefer to use it on their Apple devices instead of using the Apple Maps.

Like most of the smartphone apps, Google Maps also requires a Internet connection on your smartphone or tablet. But sometimes for various reasons, you can face a situation to use the Google Maps when you are having no Internet connectivity on your smartphone.

One of the nice feature of the Google Maps is that you can save a location to use it offline later. Though the Nokia Here Maps is much better than the Google Maps when it comes to offline navigation apps. But since Google Maps is the most popular map, this feature can come handy to thousands of people.

Earlier, it was a bit tricky to save the Google Maps offline. But the latest update brings this feature to save Google Maps offline to the iOS and Android devices. All you need to do is to download the Google Maps 3.0 for your iOS device or Google Maps 8.0 on your Android devices.

The steps to save the Google Maps for offline use is same for both Android and Ios devices. Follow the step by step instructions given below.

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HOW TO : Save Offline Google Maps in iPhone and Android

1. Open the Google Maps app on your iOS or Android device.

2. Search for the location of which you would like to save the offline Google Maps .

HOW TO : Save Offline Google Maps in iPhone and Android ( )

3. Once the desired location is tracked, you will notice a small information sheet the bottom of the screen. Just tap on it as shown in the above image and the more details of the location will appear on the screen.

4. Now look for the “Save map to use offline” option and tap on it as shown in the below image.

HOW TO : Save Offline Google Maps in iPhone and Android ( )

5. Google Maps app will ask you to zoom the location on the map and adjust accordingly. Once you are done with that, tap on the “Save” option given at the bottom.

6. Now, just enter a name for your newly-saved map for easy access in the future.

HOW TO : Save Offline Google Maps in iPhone and Android ( )

7. Tap on the "Save" option to finally finish the process of saving the Google Maps offline.

This feature is really useful when you are going to the remote areas with poor mobile signal reception or if anything goes wrong with your mobile data subscription. Saving offline Google Maps is also useful if you know that you are going to frequently travel to a particular location. You can just save the offline Google Maps for that location and use multiple times.