Google is one of the most popular word, brand and the website in the entire world. But usually people think about only the Google's search engine service, Google's email service Gmail and the social media site Google+ created by Google. But Google is much more than them.

Google is providing lots of service, most of which are not much popular among common users. There are many useful but less popular Google services you need to check. Some of them are Google Consumer Surveys, Google Art Project etc. Google is also working on lots of projects such as Google Driverless Cars and high speed fiber optics. As a blogger and webmaster, I heavily use the Google services like Blogger, Adsense, Adwords, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools etc.

Google is continuously expanding the range of its services to increase its userbase and to increase the money inside Google's already fat wallet. Did you know that since 2012,Google has spent more than $17 billion just in buying other companies? All this makes the Google Inc. one of the most desirable company and that is why, people try to find how to get the job in Google.

Here is a nice Google infographic developed by, an online marketing agency, which gives the detailed information of the history of the Google and its services and products. You will surely come to know some unknown facts about Google in this infographic. Have a look on it and feel free to share your views in the Comments section after the post.

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The Complete History of Google : Stat and Facts ( Infographic ) - www.ShaanHaider.comWanna Embed This Infographic In Your Blog Post? Copy & Paste The Code Given