Smartphones are evolving everyday. They are getting better and better in terms of hardware, specs and features. We used to have single core processors four years back and now our smartphones are coming with octa-core processors and 3GB RAM. Few years back, 2MP camera phone was a big deal and now we are having 40 megapixel camera phones like Lumia 1020.

And the same is happening with screen of the smartphones too. Earlier we used to have smaller screen and big physical keypads. After that the touchscreen phones came but the touch sensitivity was poor and the display quality was still not much. Then we started getting better things like Retina display, HD screen, full HD 1080p screens and now we are having devices with quad-HD display too. The same happened with the screen and display technology too like AMOLED screen, ClearBlack displays and all.

Here is a nice infographic by Samsung Mobiles which provides the history of the mobile phone screen and its evolution covering the factors like screen size, resolution and display technology. Though this smartphone infographic talks about the Samsung smartphones only, it still provides the idea that how much mobile phone screens are evolved in last few years.

Have a look on the below smartphone screen infographic and share with us in the Comments section that which all screens and display types you have used so far.

The History and Evolution of Smartphone Screen (Infographic)

The History and Evolution of Smartphone Screen ( Infographic ) -
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