Selfies are so much in craze now that few gadgets are coming out specially for this purpose only. We are already having the selfie sticks, GoPros and many dedicated smartphone apps to take good quality selfies.

Also, now we are smartphones like Huawei Mate S with a dedicated flash for the front camera to take better quality images. It shows that how much important taking selfies is for the user now and how smartphone brands are trying to provide the better user experience.

Due to this, Oppo is going to come out with a new smartphone which is going to be specially for the selfie lovers. The device is going to be called Oppo Selfie Expert and the name itself explains that this Oppo smartphone will be for the selfie lovers.

Oppo Selfie Expert Smartphone

There is no information available yet regarding the hardware specs but it is supposed to be a mid-range device and due to this, the price of Oppo Selfie Expert will be affordable too. Oppo will be using its nice imaging software platform to provide a good user experience to the selfie lovers.

There will be lots of camera options available for the front facing camera in Oppo Selfie Expert including the advanced beauty mode to let user get pictures of themselves with beauty enhancement. Also, it is expected to have the LED flash for front camera for better imaging in low light conditions.

Oppo Selfie Expert will be available in 20 countries in the first phase and the very first country will be India to receive this product in its market. Though the price and hardware specs of Oppo Selfie Expert is not available yet officially, it is expected to come out soon.