When it comes to emails, most of the people use their workplace emails on a dedicated client like Microsoft Outlook and personal emails on web browser.

Gmail is one of the most popular and feature-rich email service and many people prefer to use it for business purpose too. But if you use Gmail on an email client then it significantly affects the performance and design in a negative way.

Kiwi for Gmail is dedicated and a feature rich email client specially designed and developed for Gmail and Mac OS. Below is the detailed review of Kiwi for Gmail (Full Version) client talking about all of its features, pros and cons.

Kiwi for Gmail - Hands-on Review

Design and UI

Design of Kiwi for Gmail is the combination of original Gmail layout, new options and Mac OS feel. Because of this it is very user friendly as a user will find most of the things exactly the way they used to find on Gmail while using it in a browser.

But the design is also different enough and visually richer than the original Gmail to give you the feel of something new and better.

Features and Productivity

You will find all features of Gmail on Kiwi for Gmail too. So I am going to talk about only the unique and my favorite features of Kiwi for Gmail making it a great Gmail client.

Native and Important-only Notifications

One of my personal favorite feature is that Kiwi for Gmail comes with native Mac notification and you can customize it to improve your productivity. There is a nice Do Not Disturb feature provided that you can use to avoid getting any notification if you are busy and do want to have a look on your Gmail accounts for awhile.

If you do not know, Gmail comes with a feature of tagging emails as Important. Gmail tags the emails as Important by itself based on your Gmail usage and you can also flag your emails as Important to let Gmail learn quickly.

Kiwi for Gmail - Hands-on Review and Features

Kiwi for Gmail integrates this feature and let you receive notifications only for the emails marked as Important or all or none. This is a great time savor for me as I receive tons of emails everyday and getting notifications for all of them would be pretty annoying. So getting notifications only for the important emails really improves productivity.

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Multiple Accounts and Multitasking

Kiwi for Gmail let you use up to 6 Gmail accounts at a time. You can connect all of them to the client and use one account at a time while getting notifications for the rest of them accounts. Kiwi for Gmail shows status of all those accounts at the top right corner toolbar that how many emails are waiting in the inbox for each of those accounts separately. You can see the count for all unread, Important-only unread or none.

Kiwi for Gmail - Hands-on Review and Features

It even let you directly launch the Compose page for a particular account without even switching from the Gmail account currently being used. This is a great feature for saving time, improve productivity and multitasking for a user like me who is having multiple Gmail accounts for personal and business purposes

On the left corner, it shows which account you ae using currently. And if you want to switch account, it just takes a click to switch from Gmail account to another without any delay or load time issues.

Kiwi for Gmail supports the universal keyboard shortcuts and I really appreciate having this feature as I am totally used to keyboard shortcuts and use them a lot all the time. Also the Compose windows are opened in separate windows without affecting the task you are doing on the main screen.


If you like to play around and customize with apps then, Kiwi for Gmail comes with few nice options too. You can use different accent colors on the client to make it visually easy to multitask with different accounts. You can assign a particular color to an account and when you see the toolbar and read counts, you will find it instantly that which account is having how many emails unread?

Kiwi for Gmail - Hands-on Review and Features

You can also customize the notification and alert sound, where to see the unread email count etc. You can also customize for kind of notifications you would like to get or just use th Do Not Disturb feature to avoid any notification at all for a particular time period as mentioned above.

Plugins and Extensions

One great thing about Gmail is that it supports various plugins and extension to improve the performance and productivity. Kiwi for Gmail also supports plugins but unfortunately, so far only Boomerang is available.

Soon more Gmail plugins like Yesware, Contactually, Right Inbox etc. will be available too. But if you are using a browser plugin or extension for Gmail extensively and can’t spend a day without it then, Kiwi for Gmail will not serve you properly.

Kiwi for Gmail vs Gmail in Web Browser

When it comes to productivity, Kiwi for Gmail is much better than the Gmail in web browser as it comes with all features of Gmail and few extra ones to improve the user experience and productivity. The only feature where Gmail is scoring more is plugins and extensions. But soon Kiwi for Gmail is also going to have lots of plugins and it will improve the performance of this client for sure.


If you use Gmail, specially for business purpose then, Kiwi for Gmail is a must have app for you on your Mac as it brings all features of Gmail and improves the productivity a lot by adding extra features.

You can visit the official Kiwi for Gmail website to download the client on your Mac.