Cover and cases are an integral part of the smartphones these days. And now there are many different kind of smart covers are also coming with productive features.

We were using the PITAKA Aramid case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge since last few days and in this article we are going to share a detailed review of it.

This review is divided in different sections, talking about pros and cons of each of them. If you are looking for a nice case for your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge then, I hope you will find this review useful to you.

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PITAKA Aramid Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Hands-on Review

Retail Box and Unboxing

PITAKA Aramid case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes in a nice, lightweight packing. On the front all the available color options of the case are displayed. On the back some information and feature of the case is mentioned along with the details about PITAKA and its philosophy.

The packing is pretty tight and it is a bit difficult to open the box in one go. It also ensures that the box will not be opened by itself and case will not come out. Inside the box, you will find the case in a nice slot and a Thank You card.

There is information printed inside the retail box about how to remove the case once applied on the device and this is a very important information as removing PITAKA case from the device is really tricky.

You can watch our unboxing  and hands-on review video of PITAKA Aramid case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge below.


Design is one of the most highlighted feature of the PITAKA Aramid case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as it is claimed to be the lightest and thinnest case currently available in the market. It weighs just 8 grams and is 0.65mm thin. So you can be sure that it is not going to make your device bulky or heavy in any way unlike most of the cases available in the market.

The top edge of the case covers the device fully and so is the bottom part. At the bottom, there are cuts provided for the microphone, 3.5mm audio jack, charging port and the speakers. The cut for USB port is a bit small and few of our USB cables were not able to go inside the port properly as the part of the cable was touching the case causing obstacle.

There is PITAKA branding on the side that touches the back of the phone. There is nothing printed on the back of the case that gives it a clean and beautiful look. There is a cut provided for the camera module. The edges on the top and bottom are curved to fit the phone perfectly and tightly.

PITAKA Aramid Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Hands-on Review

The side edges totally open and it is a drawback of the design as phone can be damaged easily if it falls down and the side edges touches the surface. One edge of the Galaxy S7 Edge is having the Edge Screen and it needs to be not covered but the other side should be covered for better protection.

The whole case features a nice printed texture and gives it a KEVLAR look. The feel of the material in hand is really nice and soft. It also provides a good grip and does not any bulk to the phone. But removing the case is a bit difficult task and you need to follow the exact instruction given in the box of the case.

Overall design of PITAKA Aramid case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge good and looks premium in every way. It is really lightweight and very thin. The only drawback is the open side edges that can’t provide protection to the device fully.


PITAKA Aramid case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is made of the Aramid material. It is high quality material used in aerospace, sports cars and aircrafts as well. Aramid is claimed to be five times more stronger than the steel of the same weight and that is why it is used in the places where the combination of durability and lightness is required.

Due to this PITAKA Aramid case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is claimed to be the most durable case as there will be no color fading and it will rarely get any damage or wear and tear.

PITAKA Aramid Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Hands-on Review

The case is scratch resistant and you can watch in the above video that we tried to make some scratches unsuccessfully. So you can be sure that the case is not going to get any scratches easily and lose its beauty.

Since there is no metal particle used in the entire case, there is no interference to the signals and your Galaxy S7 Edge will work perfectly in all kind of signal transmission.


PITAKA Aramid case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is very beautiful, elegant looking and one of the most durable case. The design is great. It is very lightweight and extremely thin. Aramid material used in case is very durable and gives a nice feel in hands too.

Even though the case itself is very strong and durable, unfortunately it does not provide full protection to the device as the side edges are exposed. But if you are confident about yourself that you ain’t gonna drop your phone, PITAKA Aramid is one of the best case for your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.