Google+1 buttons are really popular now and it is a great way to share the content with others, specially when Google+1 is an important part of the Google Plus profile. But officially, Google+1 buttons are available only for the blogs and websites. But now you can add a Google+1 button in your Twitter stream too.

Tweet+1 is a Google Chrome extension which includes a Google+1 button in your Twitter stream. You can +1 any of the tweets you like then. If you are having a Google Plus profile then all of these tweets +1ed by you, will appear in the +1 section of your Google Plus profile.

Tweets+1 : Chrome Extension To Add Google+1 Button In Twitter Tiemline

You can also see the number of time a tweet got the +1 in your timeline itself. The only requirement is that you have to use the new Twitter interface and it will work only on the Google Chrome browser as Tweets+1 is a Google Chrome extension.