Despite the obvious connotations of a laptop's name, using a laptop on your bare lap can actually be dangerous for your skin, as well as your laptop's well being. Laptop on lap use has several major issues with it, and once you hear about the dangers, you'll think twice about getting into that habit.

People have actually reported getting burned by laptop on lap use. This is because laptops get very hot when they work for long periods of time. If your laptop doesn't have a good cooling system, you can easily end up having heats of over 120 degrees on your lap! Some people have gotten mild burns on their skin, but in rare cases, 2nd degree burns have been reported!

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If you choose to shield your skin with fabric from a pillow, a blanket, or clothing, beware of the damage that you could be doing to your laptop! If your laptop doesn't have enough space to “breathe” and release the heat that it produces safely, you actually could run the risk of burning out your laptop. After all, blankets keep you warm. They will keep your laptop warmer as well, which puts it at risk for overheating.

You also need to be aware of the damage that can happen to your laptop from too much dust, dirt, and lint from fabric that gets sucked into the laptop's area. Materials that end up inside the computer can cause the cooling system or the fans in a laptop to malfunction. This will cause more computer crashes, and possibly damage to major parts of your laptop.

Because of the risks, many people who know about the consequences of laptop on bare lap use avoid using their laptops in comfortable environments like their couch, their bed, or on the floor. However, there is a very popular way to safely practice laptop on lap use. Best of all, it's usually very inexpensive.

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Instead of having to use your laptop on a desk or table, you can use a laptop desk instead. It has the cushioning of a pillow, but keeps both you and your laptop from getting hurt from the heat. Some even come with special cooling mechanisms built into them, such as fans or extra space to let the hot air from underneath your laptop escape in more efficiently. They come in many styles and colors, too, so you don't have to sacrifice style for function. Don't you think it's time that you start browsing for laptop desks today?