If you got a smartphone for Christmas, or you just got a new smartphone, there are some great apps that you need to get on your phone. To be more specific, you need to get these certain games for your smartphone. Phone games are always great for just about anyone. You can play then when you are waiting for the next teller at the bank. You can play games when you get bored in class and you just can't pay attention any longer. Here are the best games that you should download to beat the boredom wherever you are.

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1. Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride

This is a very addicting game where the goal is to get as far as you can with the highest score that you can get. You play the game with the character of Barry Steakfries. At the beginning of the game, he goes a little crazy at the post office that he works at. All you need to do is use the touch screen to guide your character through missiles, lasers, and zappers. This is a game that is very hard to stop playing.

2. Tiny Wings

This is a game that is really simple, but it is very, very addicting. It is also a surprise break out game from Apple. All you need to do is guide a baby bird with small wings over many different obstacles. It is very addicting with all of the cute songs, graphics, and all around charming nature.

3. Zombie Gunship

If you are more prone to video games, you might want to start with this game. It combines gunship missions with lots of undead. You need to protect civilians as they run to a military bunker. The trick is that the bunker closes the doors as soon as zombies get in, so your job is save as many civilians as you can before the zombies get them. The game is always evolving, so you are never playing the same game.

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4. Where's My Water

This is a game from Disney Mobile. It is a very cute and addicting game. The goal in this game is to help Swampy stay clean after some mean alligators have gotten his swamp water dirty.

5. Tiny Tower

This is a great game where you need to build your tower as tall as you can. As you build your tower taller, you will make money and attract new business partners.

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