Sometimes we leave home without our phone by mistake and sometimes intentionally. Different people can have different reasons for this. But there is one thing common that you can get some important SMS or calls when you are away from your mobile phone. So, it is better keep getting the notifications about the SMS and Missed Calls which are coming on your phone. And if you are having an Android phone then, this is a very easy task for you.

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HOW TO : Auto-Forward SMS & Missed Calls to your Email - SMS2Gmail

SMS2Gmail is an Android app which alerts you about the incoming SMS and Missed Calls on your smartphone. Every time when your phone receive an SMS or Missed Call then SMS2Gmail sends a notification to your desired email address. It forwards the full SMS with the sender's information if the number is saved in the Phonebook.

SMS2Gmail works only on the Gmail accounts. You can also turn on the app by sending an Activation Key as SMS to your phone from any other number. This feature is really useful when you leave home without the phone and forgot to turn on the app to use SMS2Gmail to receive SMS and Missed Calls notification.