Capturing great pictures at parties is a must-have skill these days. Make sure that you don’t end up with blurry, unattractive and forgettable photos by learning these 10 must-know camera skills to take perfect party pictures.

10 Must-Know Camera Skills to Take Perfect Party Pictures

10 Must-Know Camera Skills to Take Perfect Party Pictures

To Flash or Not to Flash?

Play around with your cameras settings to figure out if you’ll need flash when taking pictures at a party. In dim light, you’ll most likely need flash, but if you can get a nice photo without using it, then opt for no flash. No one wants to be blinded by your camera all night.

Get In Focus

Most cameras, even on camera phones, have a feature that will focus a frame for you before you hit the button to take the photo. Allow your camera to work it’s magic before pressing that button to avoid blurry and unfocused pictures.

Center What’s Important

Make sure that the main subject or subjects of the photo are centered to avoid a photo that features more background than people.

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Get Candid

Not all of your party pictures need to be posed. Some of the best party pictures will be candid shots that you snap while no one is looking.

Back Off

While it might seem like a good idea to get close up shots of all your friends at a party, pictures will look way better if you back off a little. Stand around 5 feet away from your friends when taking pictures, especially if you are using flash.

Use Your Cameras Features

Does your camera have instant red-eye reduction? Or other cool settings? Use your camera’s built-in features to get awesome photos without much extra work.

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Try Out Angles and Perspectives

If you find that you normally just take group shots that all look relatively the same when flipping through your photos, change up the angles and perspective of your shots. This will add variety to your photo albums and make you seem more artsy.

Share Your Camera

Give your camera to a friend for a while so that he or she can take some pictures. This way you’ll be in some photos as well.

Capture Great Moments

If someone is about to jump into a pool with his clothes on or try karaoke for the first time, definitely make sure to have your camera handy to capture the moment.

Edit the Photos

Before posting the party pictures anywhere, take a few minutes to edit the photos. Remove red eye and crop any photos if necessary so that your party pictures look as great as they can.

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