Shopping for gifts can be a very daunting task, especially if you know you're shopping for the person who has everything. But now that we're a month into the new year of 2012, be prepared to start seeing some more high-tech gifts out there that might just be the perfect idea for the one person that's impossible to shop for.

5 High-Tech & Geeky Gift Ideas for 2012

1. Tablets

Save the hands and eyes of your friend or significant other by getting them away from the traditional print-type books and get them an electronic tablet. Every platform has its own version of the tablet - iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc. Each one has different capabilities, but all are great for reading electronic books and magazines.

Take the gift a step further and get a gift card to an online store where the person can go to purchase and download electronic versions of their favorite books and magazines to read on their new tablet. Just don't be surprised when they start spending more time with their tablet than they do with you! And be prepared to drop anywhere from $100-$800 depending on what kinds of features and how much memory you want and which brand you choose.

2. Jawbone UP Band

Remember those magnetic bracelets and necklaces back in the day that were claimed to provide you with energy throughout the day but that actually did nothing but cost you a lot of money? This is a revolutionized one of those, more or less.

Jawbone is the brand, UP is the name of this funky, high-tech bracelet. It comes in all kinds of colors and works with an app that you can install on your iPad or iPhone. The band tracks your daily activity and alerts you when you've been inactive for too long. It also logs your sleep cycle and silently wakes you up at the perfect time. As if those weren't cool enough features already, the UP band actually even makes a photo journal of everything you eat in a day and records how each kind of food makes you feel after consumption. Talk about high-tech.

The more you use the UP band, the more it gets to know you and the better it can help you feel. Its overall goal is to lead you to a healthier, more active lifestyle.

3.) Looxcie 2

Looxcie 2 is a combination wearable video camera and bluetooth wireless device. It's a simple, small device that attaches around your ear just like a bluetooth device would, but it syncs directly to your phone. The camcorder allows you to record realtime video or stream it live to another person's phone so it's like they are "there with you."

This tiny camcorder allows you to capture point of view video hands-free, so you can enjoy family time and share the memories instantly with the loved ones who couldn't be there. It's a great way to stay connected, and it's under $165.

4. DBLogic Ear Buds

Yes, even the technology of headphones is advancing for 2012. DBLogic Ear Buds are the only headphone out there right now that actually protect your ears from hearing damage. It certainly does not lack in quality, though. The DBLogic Ear Buds provide super high quality sound without the damage to your ears.

They're available in all kinds of different colors, as well as different fits, so you can make sure your headphones will stay in and stay comfortable no matter what - even if you're exercising. These unique headphones can usually be found for under $35.

5. Energy-Efficient Phone Charger

This is technically an accessory for possibly an even bigger gift, but if the person you're shopping for already has a smart phone, why not purchase them an energy-efficient charger? These are just hitting the market for 2012, so they're still in development, but basically they're a case you can put on your smart phone that uses solar energy to charge the battery inside.

You can also buy cases that will extend your battery life on your phone to last up to two times longer than just the battery itself. But be ready, these gadgets can cost you about $100 for a good one.

Author Bio : Amy Richards is a freelance writer who often contributes to technology publications. When she's not writing, she's running her own gift basket company, so she knows that gifts are an important way of sending a perfect message to someone you care about.

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