Personal computer and Windows security is one of the biggest concerns in the computer world. As there are number of hackers working around, they are seeking access to various public networks and computers. You need to strengthen your computer security or enhance Windows security in order to protect your personal computer from various outside attacks, especially protect it from hackers.

With growing number of hackers and number of increasing threats, computer users need to be more vigilant on behalf of their computer or Windows security. They have to enhance the Windows security or increase the Windows security level in order to protect it from outside threats or attacks. There are certain ways to improve your windows security. You can follow these tips or instructions in order to protect your personal computer from outside attacks, especially from worldwide computer hackers.

HOW TO : Improve Your Windows Security

HOW TO : Improve Your Windows Security

Well Aware of Your Network

In order to protect your computer from outside attacks and improve your Windows security, you need to be well aware of your network to which you are connected. If you are a home user and connected to an outside network for an internet connection, so it is recommended that you should properly monitor your network access. Do not allow any outside or remote network access to your computer. In addition, install some network monitoring tool on your computer. This will let you know the over network activity and helps you to monitor your home network quite efficiently. So, you can well-aware of your network activities.

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Verify and Test Various Documents

Before you can download any of the documents which you received via email, it is recommended to install a reliable or authentic antivirus tool or security tool that will protect the unknown access to your computer. These antivirus or security applications will check the particular document before you can download it on your computer. So, in case of any threat or any other reason, the security tool will remove or pop up alert on behalf of that particular document. Always try to update the security tool that is running on your computer.

Limit the Access Control

If your computer is connected to network points, use filters to allow access to other users. You can enhance Windows user security, and define policies for individual users. Windows allow you to maintain multiple user accounts on a single computer, so you can define separate policies for each individual user on the single computer whether it is connected to a network or a home computer.

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HOW TO : Improve Your Windows Security

Try to Maintain System Logs

Set some logs to record installations, user logins, and other activities on your computer. Windows provide various types of logs on behalf of different activities. You can maintain these records; also monitor various activities on your pc. These logs are very much beneficial in terms of improving Windows security. You should periodically or it is better to regularly monitor these logs. If anything you find wrong, you should immediately take the precautionary measure against that particular activity.

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Use Reliable Security Tool

Always install a reliable and up-to-date security tool for the protection of your computer or Windows. When there are certain websites running around, where at the back end some miscellaneous applications automatically install on your computer. So in order to protect your computer from such programs and applications, you need to install certain antivirus or security tools that can enable or enhance the security levels of your Windows. Also, keep your windows firewall enable all the time.